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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a martin s black you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." thousands of people told "stay in your homes." the martinez refinery spews black smoke for hours but why these flames mean safety procedures work. fighting crime with math? the same formula used to try to predict earthquakes is helping police catch bad guys. it works they say. state and federal agents with guns drawn looking for illegal dairy. a new battle over a particular type of milk that many say is the safest, healthiest thing you can eat. a major flareup at a teesoro refinery. robert lyles on what set the whole thing off. >> reporter: tasero is saying tonight the six flaring stacks out behind me that are died
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down are all the result of a massive fire outage. now they say an investigation is underway with pg&e to figure out what led to that power outage but we have learned even if they finds the answer there is one thing missing from this refinery that means they can't guarantee it won't happen again. >> to me, it doesn't seem reasonable. >> reporter: randy lewis lives down wind from the stacks he can see them flaring from his bedroom window so when he got the call to shelter in place tonight he scrambled using blankets anything wide enough to go under the door. >> if there are any type of events or any cracks underdoors they should be blocked. >> reporter: but there was no way to block the frightening sight. just as the evening rush hour was getting underway the martinez sky glowed bright orange as a total of six flares shot into the air blanketing martinez in a thick black smoke
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of hydro carbons. >> the flares did what they were supposed to do. they released pressure from our system. >> reporter: the refinery is largely powered by electricity from pg&e. another percentage is generatedded at the refinely but that the not enough to keep this online. there are no backup generators here. >> if you have another sudden loss of power will we see another major event as we saw tonight? >> it depends on our utilization rate. if our refinery was operating at the same type of utilization rate that it was operating today then we may see a similar occurrence. >> reporter: contra costa hazardous material says this loss of power combined with weather conditions led to the highest level shelter in place from north of highway 4 to east of 680. in the middle of it all the up to of clyde and randy lewis. >> i could feel it in my throat a little bit. my throat closed off just a
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tiny little bit. >> reporter: we know carbon monoxide and sulfur billow into the air. bay area quality management is calling this serious. >> this is unusually. normally we see a single flare occasionally and this is five out of five flares and it is an incident. so we are monitoring it very closely. >> reporter: but the contra costa hazardous materials program is down playing the seriousness. but listen closely to his answer to my question. >> we sounded the sirens as a precaution in case they were going to be impacted by the fall out from the smoke. >> are you telling people they are safe tonight? >> yes. >> reporter: we did a little bit more digging tonight and bay area air quality management is revealing that in the last two years tasero has had 44 violation is the at this site amounting to fines totalling $366,000 but back in 2008 there was an air quality violation
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that led to a $1.5 million fine. there is still an investigation underway into exactly what was burned into the air tonight. ken? >> you see behind you that flareoff starting to die down now. so that is at least good news. >> it is at least good news. >> robert lyles in martinez. thank you, robert. oakland meet your new mayor. jean quan beat her challenger don perata. quan the first woman and first asian-american mayor of oakland. she has an offer for the guy she beat. >> we really wanted to thank the nearly 1000 volunteers. >> reporter: jean quan is thanking her supporters. >> i'm announcing on monday a transition advisory group and i particularly plan to choose supporters among the people i ran against including senator perata. >> reporter: the senator was way ahead of quan just eight days ago with 34% of the vote to her 25%. then a huge turn around.
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rank choice voting kicked in and quan took the lead securing fully two thirds of rebecca caplin's second place votes. perata is not conceding the race. asked if he is considering a recount a spokesman tells cbs5 he will address that in a morning news conference. with over 1000 first choice votes these numbers need to be analyzed and scrutinized quickly. since this was the first time oakland voters used rank choice votings could it be that some were confused. quan says it just wasn't a major factor. >> all of the rank choice people who have looked at it say they think it is amazing that 90% of the people got it. they used their second or third choices. >> reporter: jean quan wins the mayor race in a major upset. the big question now, how upset is don perata and will he challenge the vote? in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs5. also tonight a fairfield high school teacher is out of
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jail released on $50,000 bail. officers arrested 27-year-old felecia killings at rodriguez high school last night. she is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student. police said the teacher may have had sexual relationships with other students as well. >> for a teacher to get arrested like that is just weird. >> my daughter told me about it this morning. she saw it on twitter. >> what are the kids saying? >> free miss killings. >> the police are asking anyone with information to please come forward. killings is on administrative leave. is facing a storm of criticism over its decision to sell an advice book for paedophiles. it is called "the paedophile's guide to love and pleasure." the author calls it an attempt to make, quote, "paedophile situations safer for juveniles." thousands of people have posted negative comments and many say
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they will boycott the site. >> that doesn't seem like a good idea. >> that is so sick. >> as long as it is legal in america you can sell it but whether or not the american public will buy it much that's another question. >> reporter: amazon is saying officially the company does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts. a spokesperson went on to say that amazon believes that it is sensorship not to sell certain titles simply because we believe their message is objectionable. the title is only available as an electronic book for the kindel. headlines from around the bay area tonight. an afternoon of swimming ended up with 15 people, most of them kids, getting so sick that they had to go to the hospital. a pump inside an aquatic swim center in san jose malfunctioned. chlorine leaked into the building and those taken to the hospital had trouble breathing. none of the injuries were
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serious, though. the pg&e executive has quit. he was caught when his real name and ip address showed up with his fake name and e-mail. he has apologized saying he was better trying to understand the arguments of the smart meter opponents. trustees today approving a 5% hike this term and tuition will rise another 10% next fall. trustees say the increases are necessary because of state funding cuts. last year there was a 32% increase in tuition. tonight autopsy results show that the man oakland police killed on monday was not shot in the back as his family had been claiming. the victim, derek jones, was hit in the front of his body. a memorial for jones is growing outside the barber shop that he owned on bancroft avenue. police were chasing him and opened fire after they say he
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reached for his waist band. jones was not armed. tomorrow afternoon oscar grant supporters will join the jones family and friends and march together. police officers will start to use math to fight crime. it is being tested for the first time right here in northern california. kiet do introduces us to the teacher showing police how to catch bad guys using numbers. >> reporter: it is another busy night where police officers everywhere are doing more with less. here in santa cruz the city's 90 cops handle on average 86,000 calls for service a year. but with police pay cuts and possible layoffs, what this city needs is a new kind of crime fighter. >> by myself i don't know a lot about fighting crimes. >> reporter: meet dr. george moeller, a 29-year-old first year math professor at santa clara university.
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he is a leading researcher of so-called predictive policing based on the belief that crooks are just that, predictable. >> we are creatures of habit and that's what the crime data shows is that much of crime can be boiled down to routine activities. >> reporter: moeller discovered the same algorithm seismolo gists used. he plugged in several years worth of old burglary data from los angeles into his computer model and compared his crime predictions to the crimes that actually happened and the results were promising. >> and it matched up? >> and it does quite a bit better than what people are currently using. >> reporter: now when a new burglary is reported his model delivers a daily forecast of when and where a crime is likely to happen, the areas in red down to specific neighborhoods or street
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corners. >> hopefully we can save police departments money and also improve their effectiveness at preventing crime which is our ultimate goal. >> reporter: the santa cruz police department is now gathering pages of crime data to run through the model and will be the first at northern california to deploy officers based on the forecast. >> is this the future of policing? >> i think that this really is an important and essential wave of policing. i can't see a situation where law enforcement agency budgets and size and personnel will be able to grow in the near future. >> reporter: will it work? we will have to wait and see. but in this economy, it is all about catching more bad guys with fewer good guys. in santa cruz, kiet do, cbs5. another flaw with those clipper cars. the glitch that let's commuters ride for next to nothing. what is being done about it. it is a popular request at the salon but is it bad for you? the state of california thinks so. the fight looming for the makers of the brazilian
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blowout. talk about blowout temperatures. much warmer than today. we will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. controversial but still legal in california. why fans of raw milk are gearing up for a new battle. coming up in minutes. ,, ♪ ♪ came in last night at half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ that baby of mine wouldn't let me in ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪
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system and save themselves some money. seems commuters are finding ways to cheat the new clipper card system and save themselves some money. the clipper is that car that will be used on several transit systems in the bay area. most people have their cars connected to a card or credit card but some pay cash and buy a card for $2 and take a trip for $8 and then throw the card away. they are keeping an eye on what happens but they admit they have no solution right now. the state is going after the makers of a popular hair straightening treatment for failing to warn consumers that it contains a cancer causing
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chemical. the attorney general filed a lawsuit against the brazilan blowout today saying lab tests contradict claims that the solution contains no formaldehyde. hairdressers that used the product have complained of breathing problems and chest pains. raw milk provoking emotion. dr. kim mulvihill reports on the new battle over raw milk. >> reporter: when this family sits down to dinner they wash it down with a big glass of milk. >> creamy and satisfying. >> reporter: this milk is raw, unpasturized straight from the cow. >> after the first year or so of drinking raw milk i noticed that we didn't have any of the chronic snivels, cold, flus. >> reporter: that kind of talk
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drives a public health expert of cal crazy. >> there is no scientific evidence that raw milk is healthier and there is tremendous evidence that it is dangerous. >> reporter: dangerous because the doctor says raw milk may contain diseases, bad germs that past pasturizing kills. >> reporter: whether you are for raw milk or against it, raw mill milk debate is heating up. it is seen in late june with guns drawn on cameras. federal authorities raided a private raw foods club in southern california. the target bottles of unpasturized raw milk and raw cheese. >> reporter: the fda won't discuss the case saying it is an open investigation but raw milk advocates say there is a
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bigger issue at stake. the freeddom to choose what to eat or drink even if public health experts say it is risky. >> i would say that if there was going to be anything banned it should be raw milk that is consumed just as milk. >> the choice would be mine. i don't understand why they are trying to do away with a food product. it is not a drug. this is milk we are talking about. >> reporter: adding fuel to the fire a proposed new law that would give the fda new regulatory powers. >> the fda has been pushing to have greater control over the food products that humans are consuming. >> reporter: raw milk food eaters fear the new regs will drive raw milk dairies out of business. >> don't mess with it. we love our raw milk. >> reporter: one of only two raw mill dairy companies in california. >> when you purchase it under state of california standards it is very, very safe. >> reporter: unlike some states in california it is legal to buy and sell raw milk.
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the dairies and milk are inspected on a regular basis. they have to carry warning labels to detail what is in it. >> there will be a raw milk uprising. >> reporter: if the law passes she fierce it will make food less safe. >> if it makes it too hard to produce i will have to get my raw milk on the black market. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. it is wednesday. we are heading into what, roberta? >> i'm going to have my weather without milk tonight. >> we are heading into dana's weekend. never too early she says. another foot of snow in the sierra. 18 inches over the weekend and now another foot. we had 6 inches fall about 6500 feet and it is cold enough to make snow at night.
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get out that extra blanket. 39 in livermore. and santa rose. check out oakland at 48 degrees. it will be chilly as you head out on tomorrow morning for the commute. for veteran's day. nothing but sunshine. in fact, this is what an offshore flow looks like. nothing but clear skies. not a cloud in the sky. numbers going up tomorrow. forecasting 63 in half moon bay. a pair of sixes in san jose. seasonal. north winds rotating to the north east. 5 to 10 during the day. 61 in richmond. to the mid-60s in danville also pleasanton. this weekend in pleasanton good guys car show. going to be there? >> not this weekend, no. >> heading up to the mountains to see some snow. >> okay. >> 73 degrees for that particular show. meanwhile, north of the golden gate bridge. just 68 in sonoma. there you have the extended
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forecast. digital on friday. warmer temps over the week. notice this dry weather pattern will repeat each and every day. only need to be mindful of is the potential for high fire danger because of extremely dry conditions. sacramento river. thank you. beautiful photographs. keep them coming right here to >> pretty. >> like glass. >> you can see your reflection. we will see tonight's good question right after this. ours have a fighting chance.,,,,
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ray in wants to of all the waters in the world ours has a fighting chance it seems. ray in walnut creek wants to know what's the latest in the effort to make the america's cup to san francisco bay? tonight's good question. >> i would characterize the america's cup as the super bowl of sailboat racing. >> reporter: its origins date back to the 1850s. the america's cup regatta held out of some of the most demanding ports of the world and san francisco could be next on the list. >> san francisco bay is the
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most difficult place to sail a boat in the world. >> reporter: bob repkee is the vice come commaddore and he says it makes it is a worthy place to test the best sailors in the world and san francisco would be the perfect place to host it. >> some of the piers we have would be perfect places but they need to be upgraded and seismically sound. >> reporter: the city would kick in an estimated $11 million but repkee says it could generate 100 times that. >> based on what we know about what happened with the previous venues it will be over $1 billion and could be 1.4. >> reporter: organizers believe well over 1 million people would turn out to watch the challenge series and final races that could begin in 2014. i need your good question. sends them to me at
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49ers announcing the starting quarterback and could the warriors win consecutive road games for the first time since april 2009? we are up next. [ male announcer ] san francisco.
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vid lee returning to m what did the doctor say? if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. david lee returning to madison square garden. another double-double for lee. monta ellis back in the lineup after injuring his back ontario monday in toronto. didn't have any back spasms on that number. warriors blowing a 19-point lead in the second half. amar'e stoudemire layup. drawing a foul. 4 minutes left. warriors down by 2 with 2 minutes to go. give me shelter. golden state up by 1. and then one minute left. wright cleans it up. warriors improving to 6-2. best start since 1994. >> smart. vin is going to the royals after going 6-8 last season. there is the guy coming in
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return. david dejesus. last nine starts. he slumped and never recovered. dejesus coming to the oakland as. . 49ers hosting on sunday. starting quarterback pending the health of alex smith. >> as of right now troy smith is the starter. depending on how alex smith progresses throughout the week it could possibly change. >> if you had to play you could? >> just to clarify. if we weren't hitting. you know. if it was flag football i guess at that point. >> i want winners. >> i want winners indeed. former heisman winner who led the 49ers to a win over denver. he is taking reps with the first team so he will start. alex smith will recover from
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that shoulder sprain. top 5. number 5 if you're going to mock your oh opponent in goal you better make sure you block the kick. watch the guy. oh, my. number 4. blues. classic cheap shot. feelings are hurt. number 3 bruins and penguins. best hockey fight i have seen in a while. i really don't like this stuff but our producer anthony felt it was necessary to put in here. but really terrible. bruins win. number 2 rockets and wizards. gilbert arenas and de shawn wall. wiz arrest win. number 1. division 3. soccer league where the luck of the irish not with that goal keeper. okay. he secured the ball then kicked off his teammate's back and went back into the goal. oh, my. >> we will be right back.
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